customer strategy architects


“If we help our clients to be more successful in their job, we will have done ours.”

We don’t pontificate from an ivory tower - we embrace our clients as peers, roll up our sleeves, and work side-by-side to understand their challenges and define, guide, and shape common sense, but bespoke solutions that drive results.

Solutions for marketers

Strategy Consulting

We use proven methodologies to help companies seeking to transform their businesses by placing the customer at its core. Our Customer Strategy Assessment diagnoses current and desired customer strategies and relationship capabilities. We uncover opportunities, gaps, and barriers to success, and identify solutions that will transform unreasonable customer expectations into lasting relationships.

  • Maturity assessment and gap analysis

  • Peer benchmark analysis

VEndor selection

Cut through the buzzwords and promises to understand which marketing service and martech firms best fits your unique needs. Leveraging more than 10 years of experience, we take an insight-driven, practical approach to filtering through the hype and finding the right match for your specific objectives and challenges.

  • Develop requirements

  • RFP development

  • Vendor evaluations

Advisory services

Retainer-based “of counsel” access or advisory board services provide clients with an ongoing advisory relationship for frequent check-ins, or ad hoc sanity checks, and virtual whiteboarding sessions.

Solutions For Vendors

Market Strategy

We have worked with an array of marketing technology and service providers to help define their strategy, understand their competition, and identify organic and inorganic market opportunities. We work with executive teams and boards to define and validate market strategies that drive client success with their customers.

Vision & Positioning

An independent analysis of your company’s vision, objectives, risk, and opportunities. We will challenge your current approach in light of market, trend, and competitive opportunities, and drive alignment across your executive team. Messaging and positioning analyses ensure your positioning and messaging accurately define your business and differentiate your company in a crowded marketplace.

Custom Research

We develop thought leadership research customized for your unique business needs. We work with clients to craft meaningful content to help drive their business. We can work with you to develop a concept highlighting a business challenge, promoting an emerging technology category, or advocating for solutions to specific client challenges. We can also work with clients to promote the content through webinars, executive dinner series, or at customer events.