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If you’ve ever met Dave, read his book, or heard him speak, you know that he is passionate about customer relationships. And he loves engaging with audiences to share that passion.

A regular, and highly-rated, speaker at conferences and events, Dave has keynoted events around the world, hosted forums, and is a seasoned panel moderator (and signatory of the Speaker Diversity pledge). He is a gifted storyteller, accomplished at addressing audiences of all sizes — from auditoriums to boardrooms.

Mixing equal parts inspiration, provocation, and practical advice, Dave will ensure your audience leaves challenged, inspired, and ready for change.

Sample topics include:

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Entitled Consumers are an opportunity not a threat

Today’s consumers have unreasonable expectations of your brand. Your only path to success is to meet those unreasonable expectations. And, it’s not just millennials — we’re all entitled. But, that’s not a bad thing, if you’re equipped to deal with it.

Learn from Dave about the different dimensions and segments of entitled consumers, how to engage with them, and how to turn their unreasonable expectations into lasting relationships.

Your marketing is broken. Act Now to fix it.

Your customers abhor most of your marketing activity. Brands seldom recognize a consumer’s individual context, and instead bombard them with messages and follow them wherever they go, and interrupt them with irrelevant ads. Our research shows that untargeted marketing creates resentment with entitled consumers. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Learn from Dave how embracing consumer-first marketing principles turns brand assassins into brand ambassadors.

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